‘Love Is A Scam, It’s Like A Joke’ – Yvonne Nelson Claims

‘Love Is A Scam, It’s Like A Joke’ - Yvonne Nelson Claims

Actress and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has said that she has never found the love of her life that despite having given birth to a child

In an interview on Power FM, Yvonne Nelson claimed that, Love is a scam because she has never been loved before in her life.

She described love as a bogus thing that had ever happened in her life, to the point where it was often conditional based on her experiences.

“What you see on the screen is acting,” she responded to the host before delving into the issue of love: “Love is a scam (in reality) and we all know it, isn’t it so?”

She explained further: “I think love is a scam because we are all deceitful. If a person talks about love, there is something they are seeking, be it money or sex; it is conditional so it is a scam.”

Yvonne Nelson was asked whether she has been loved before and she said : “I’m not sure I’ve been loved. When you look back, you will realize it was because of this that’s why he came into my life. I don’t believe in it.

She continued “I feel like the love I want to express to the other person, they don’t have that love to give back. So it’s not like I’ve cancelled it and I can never fall in love but I don’t think there is anyone out there who can give me the same, it is always conditional”.

“First of all, I look at friendship, I should be able to…We should be friends, someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, you get along and the rest can follow,”

In her opinion, love is the route through which men have often lied to women: “It is just a way of telling you that I want something from you and so they just use the word love and it is usually the ladies being lied to by the men.”

Asked a point-bank question about whether she was not in love, she responded: “Love, I am sorry, I am not there yet. I used to love but it was like a joke. It is a scam,” she emphasized.

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Yvonne had a baby girl with her ex-boyfriend Jamie Roberts in 2017.

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