Latest Posts » “My Own” Song Is The Biggest Song In Ghana” – Samini Brags

“My Own” Song Is The Biggest Song In Ghana” – Samini Brags

“My Own” Song Is The Biggest Song In Ghana - Samini Brags
Latest Posts » “My Own” Song Is The Biggest Song In Ghana” – Samini Brags

Ghanaian reggae dancehall artist, Samini asserts that his 2017 smash hit tune, “My Own,” is the biggest song among those from Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, and Stonebwoy.

Samini strongly believes that even in his absence, none of the mentioned artists could produce a song that could surpass the popularity of ‘My Own.’

He made it clear that he did not see himself as being on the same level as these musicians, adding, “I’m minding my business, and I’m actually not on the same level as these guys when it comes to music.”

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He also emphasised the unfair pressure placed on up-and-coming musicians when they are compared with veteran artists like himself.

He believes it is unreasonable to expect the next generation of musicians to attain the same level of success that he has.

In response to those who suggest that his career has slowed down, Samini confidently retorted, “Go get a degree and come back.”

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He added that he did not notice any significant changes in the music industry during his absence and believes that none of the current big songs can compete with ‘My Own.’

Samini also praised Stonebwoy for his most recent project, ‘5th Dimension,’ and stated that Stonebwoy’s release was the most remarkable of the “big three” artists.

Watch the video below:

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