Nikolai Sarkisov Wife: Meet Ilona, Yulia and Tatiana

Nikolai Sarkisov Wife: Meet Ilona, Yulia and Tatiana

Nikolai Sarkisov Wife: Meet Ilona, Yulia and Tatiana – Nikolai Sarkisov is a renowned Russian Oligarch born on 1968 in Cuba.

In this article, Nikolai Sarkisov wives will be discussed for us to know how many times he married but before that let’s get to know more about Nikolai Sarkisov.

Nikolai Sarkisov begun his career journey at a very young age during the Cold War, to a father who was a high-ranking Soviet official of Armenian origin.

Nikolai Sarkisov studied at the Moscow State University of Management and later worked in foreign trade before serving two years in the KGB.

In 1991, he founded the insurance company RESO-Garantia with his older brother Sergei, which has since become the second-largest player in the insurance market in Russia.

In 2008, the insurance company Axa acquired 37% of RESO-Garantia for 810 million euros. The French and Russian groups established a joint subsidiary in life insurance, and Axa provided a $1 billion loan to the Sarkisov brothers, housed in a Cypriot holding company, which was repaid in 2012. Axa had an option to acquire the rest of the Russian company in 2010 and 2011, but it was not exercised.

From 2014 to 2019, he served as the Consul General of Armenia in Lyon. In 2019, he was relieved of his duties by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan following a legal investigation regarding his insurance company in Ukraine, a dispute in which the Sarkisov brothers were cleared.

In September 2023, Nikolai was probed by French authorities for money laundering alongside World Richest Man, Bernard Arnault.

The police investigated into their involvement with properties in a luxury ski resort in the French Alps that was described as a playground for the ultra-rich.

According to TheSun, Nikolai paid roughly £14 million buying fourteen properties from one vendor five years ago.

The housing units were sold in a complicated deal involving businesses from Cyprus, Luxembourg, and France.

Despite being the alleged buyer, his name does not appear on the books of the firm that purchased the property. Sarkisov’s company, La Fleche, eventually purchased three more apartments from a second corporation owned by him.

Nikolai Sarkisov Wife: Who is Nikolai Sarkisov Married To?

Nikolai Sarkisov’s romantic relationships have been a subject of public interest over the years. He has a series of on-again/off-again relationships with multiple women.

One of his early relationship was with Tatiana which couldn’t lasted for long but the couple shared two sons together. Following that, he entered another partnership with Yulia Lyubichanskaya, a woman he lived with for over 11 years and they had three children: a daughter and two sons. They separated in 2015 following a series of scandals and allegations of cheating.

During that period, Nikolai begun relationships with Ilona Kotelyukh, a model and social influencer. The couple tied the knot in 2016 since then they are blessed with two children; a daughter and a son.


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