Shatta Michy And Majesty School Ghanaians How To Pronounce Her Name In Video

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Michy and her adorable son Majesty have schooled many Ghanaians on the right way of pronouncing Michy’s name 

In the video, Majesty looked all swagged up as he rightfully mentioned his mother’s name, which she spelt out to him to show people how it is correctly mentioned 

The video has triggered various reactions from people, as some say they would not even dare call out her name in public to avoid any form of embarrassment.

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Media Personality and singer Michelle Diamond popularly known as Shatta Michy has taken to social media to school many Ghanaians who tend to mispronounce her name when they to call her in public.

The host of Movement Showbiz, Shatta Michy was seen in a video with her adorable son, Marjesty, tutoring people who stumble over her name in an unpleasant manner whenever they find themselves.

in the video, Michy said that she has noticed how many people do not pronounce her name correctly. She was seen in the car with her son, Majesty, where she quizzed him on how to pronounce her name as she spelled it out to him.

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Majesty gave the correct pronunciation with his lovely foreign accent while wearing dark sunglasses and uniform-like clothing. 

Michy also mentioned in the video that whenever she walks into town, she hears different phonetics of her name. 

People have had varied reactions to the video, with some saying they would not even dare to call out her name in public to avoid embarrassment.

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In related news, Michy has asked prayers for his baby daddy Shatta Wale following his recent revelation of Fennec Okyere’s murder.

The Movement TV Host Shatta Michy pleaded with Ghanaians and the general public to say a powerful prayer for African dancehall king Shatta Wale, who might be implicated

According to her, the allegations Shatta Wale made against Bulldog claiming to have known the person behind Fennec’s death could led him into problem if not the problem he might face could also affect her and her son majesty.


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