Shatta Wale is very Humble and Shy – Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs, Nadia

Shatta Wale is very Humble and Shy when you get to know him personally - Nadia, the Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs
Shatta Wale and Nadia Adongo

Nadia Adongo Mush Fynn, the Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President, has expressed her admiration for Shatta Wale,  stating that, the Dancehall musician is very humble and shy.

When asked about her favourite Ghanaian musician, Nadia listed various artistes which included; Prof Atamina, Atembila, Gyakie, and Shatta Wale.

Surprisingly, Nadia described Shatta Wale, whose husband, Why Fynn, is a close confidant, as a reserved individual in his private life. This revelation took the show’s host, Cookie T, by surprise, given Shatta Wale’s lively and humorous public persona.

“You gonna get me in trouble but it’s Shatta I just love his spirit, I think he’s hilarious. He is a very shy person when you know him personally,” she revealed [as quoted by]

This unexpected revelation about Nadia Adongo Mush‘s deep appreciation for both Shatta Wale’s music and his persona sparked a lively conversation among Ghanaians.

Cookie T even jokingly suggested that she would personally contact Shatta Wale to confirm his shyness.

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Nadia clarified that she had personal knowledge of Shatta Wale’s personality, highlighting his reserved nature.Watch the video below as you keep scrolling:

Beyond her admiration for Shatta Wale, Nadia Adongo Mush possesses a diverse educational and professional background. She holds a BA in Gerontology and has undergone training as a Volunteer Coordinator in Counselling Skills Fundamentals for Loss and Life.

Additionally, she is certified in Crucial Conversation, having completed the program in Ontario, Canada.

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Nadia’s professional experience encompasses management positions in long-term care and Volunteer Coordination in Canada.

She was appointed as the Deputy Director for Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President in February 2017.

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