Who Killed AKA : Cause Of His Death And How The Rapper Died

Who Killed AKA : Cause Of His Death And How The Rapper Died
Who killed AKA : South African rapper, Kieran Forbes, popularly known as AKA was killed on Friday February 10, 2023 in Florida.

AKA was shot and killed along with one of his best friends and former manager Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane by a gunman who have yet to be identified.

According to CCTV footage, Tebello was standing outside Wish Restaurant with AKA and others when a gunman dressed in white with a white mask covering his face appeared in two cars and opened fire, killing both men and injuring another man described as AKA’s bodyguard.

Tebello managed AKA many years ago before deciding on a new career path and becoming a chef.

Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane
A photo of Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane

The duo and others had flown into Durban on Friday, Feb 10th to celebrate AKA’s birthday and perform at a club when the tragic incident happened. 

Cause Of AKA Death 

According to reports, South African rapper AKA was intentionally shot and killed in retaliation for the tragic death of his fiancee, Anele Tembe. 

Anele Tembe, AKA’s fiancée, died in April 2021 after falling from her hotel room in a Cape Town hotel.

Anele Tembe AKA
Anele and AKA

According to reports, AKA has been on the radar of assailants who believe he played a role in Anele’s death. 

As a result, he was barred from visiting Anele in Durban, Florida, where her father is almost the entire space’s leader.

According to the report, AKA was warned about a dragon on the outskirts of town, but he was unconvinced. He even shared his current location with his friends. 

He wanted to make a strong statement about how he was not afraid of the threats to his life, so he decided to celebrate his 35th birthday on enemy territory. 

Anele’s wealthy father and family have not recovered from the death of their daughter Anele in 2021, and it is widely assumed in South Africa that AKA was murdered in retaliation for not accepting responsibility for her fiancée’s death.

How AKA Died

AKA died on February 10, 2023, in front of the YUGO nightclub in Stamford Hill, Durban (South Africa), where he was scheduled to perform that night as part of his 35th birthday celebration. 

AKA is said to have been standing outside the nightclub when he and his former manager were shot in the head in a drive-by shooting by an unknown gunman.

Some witnesses claim that an altercation erupted prior to the use of firearms, which resulted in AKA’s death, as evidenced by CCTV footage that has dropped online.

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