Wife of Slain Police Officer of Ablekuma Bullion Van Robbery speaks

Wife of Slain Police Officer of Ablekuma Bullion Van Robbery speaks

The wife of Police Officer, Callistus Amoah, who was shot and killed by attackers during a Bullion Van robbery in Ablekuma on Thursday June 22, has spoken out for the first time.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Friday, Amanda Amoah said that she was devastated by the death of her husband.

According to Amanda, she received a surprise phone call from his father, who informed her that an officer had been killed in Ablekuma. She said she had a conversation with her husband before and even asked for Ghs150 from him only to hear he’s dead.

“My dad just called and said that he had seen a message on his phone that a police officer had been shot dead at Ablekuma and that is his route because they always go to Anyaa and Ablekuma, and so we went and switched on the TV and the news was all over.

“I went to a programme and when I closed, I called him, but the number wasn’t going through but at 12 pm, I called him again to tell him that I was unable to complete what I was doing, but they were demanding I pay GH¢150, and he told me okay and shortly called back to tell me that the network was not good, so he will send it to me later.

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“Within 10 minutes, he called me to tell me that he had sent it, and so I went and withdrew the money. At 1:40 pm I was done, and so I called to check up on him, and he didn’t pick up, so I was thinking maybe they were doing the counting, and so he will call back when he is done.” – she said.

Wife of Slain Police Officer of Ablekuma Bullion Van Robbery speaks
Police officer Callistus Amoah

The slain police officer Amoah, was removed from the Bullion van after the robbers shot him multiple times at a close range and fled away with two bags according to CCTV Footage.

This prompted the Ghana police respond and issued a stern warning to the attackers and declared them wanted.

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Meanwhile, the family of the deceased Police officer are yet to announce funeral arrangements and memorial service as investigations are still under way by the Ghana Police service.

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