Latest Posts » 5 Dead, 40 Hospitalized After Eating Waakye

5 Dead, 40 Hospitalized After Eating Waakye

5 Dead, 40 Hospitalized After Eating Waakye
Latest Posts » 5 Dead, 40 Hospitalized After Eating Waakye

The waakye was bought at a joint at Oyibi Bush Canteen Junction in Greater Accra.

Aside from the five dead people, over 30 persons have been affected and rushed to the Valley View Hospital, Oyibi Hospital, Dodowa Hospital, and other facilities after they complained of severe stomach ache, which include the waakye seller.

The affected individuals are said to have eaten the Waakye last Friday at a popular joint called Yellow Sisi.

According to a Daily Graphic report, during their visit to Valley View Hospital, the hospital officials confirmed some people were rushed into the hospital but have been treated and discharged.

The hospital also said they are investigating to ascertain if the patients’ cases were indeed from food poisoning.

“As at now, some other people are still visiting the hospital and, therefore, until all the necessary laboratory tests are complete, we cannot give specific data on the number of people who have been affected or whether it was indeed a case of food poisoning,” Dr Esther Danquah from the district hospital said.

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One victim who shared his story said, he started experiencing stomach ache and diarrhea after eating the meal but was rushed to the hospital when the pain was severe.

The wife of one of the deceased said her husband whose name she gave as Kennedy complained of stomach pains and diarrhea and was rushed to St John’s Hospital at Amrahia but died later.

“He started complaining that Friday that he was feeling well, but we thought it was normal thing. It was later that we rushed him to the hospital but he did not survive,” the widow disclosed.

She added that it was after they heard that others were affected and sent to a different hospital after eating from the joint.

According to the Daily Graphic report, the Oyibi Police confirmed that a case of food poisoning had been reported to them but declined to give further details.

Another report from Ghanaweb also says ; ‘The police directed the journalist to seek further information from the police headquarters’.

Meanwhile, Waakye is a Ghanaian dish made of rice and beans cooked with millet stalk leaves. It is typically consumed for breakfast or lunch. However, others eat it for supper.

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