Latest Posts » “MPs Deserve Bigger Salary” – Alban Bagbin Defends

“MPs Deserve Bigger Salary” – Alban Bagbin Defends

MPs Deserve Bigger Salary - Alban Bagbin Defends
Latest Posts » “MPs Deserve Bigger Salary” – Alban Bagbin Defends

Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has come forward to defend the salary given to Members of Parliament (MPs).

He added that as elected representatives of the public, MPs address a multiplicity of financial needs for their constituents, depleting the entirety of their MP salaries.

The Speaker expressed his surprise at the recurring public opposition and aversion whenever MPs receive an increase in salary or enhancement from the government.

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He found it puzzling that folks who seek various financial support from MPs would become enraged once these same MPs’ wages increased.

He emphasised that the significant financial constraints connected with serving as citizens’ elected representatives highlight the need for remuneration that are commensurate with their economic responsibilities.

According to him, MPs warrant more substantial remuneration.

Alban Bagbin made this claim while speaking at a Press Soirée in Takoradi to commemorate 30 years of uninterrupted Parliamentary Democracy in Ghana.

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“Whatever is given to the one you struggled to elect (MP) you are opposed to it. Even though every day you knock at his door to request money to pay school fees and hospital bills, to donate to churches, festivals and funerals, you hate to hear that his salary is being increased. There must be a problem!” Alban Bagbin lamented.

News about MPs’ salaries, particularly the distribution of ex gratia payments, usually elicits great public resentment.

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Nonetheless, MPs have long argued that their labour and the financial strain it entails merit higher compensation.

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