Shatta Wale Goes Berserk On Stonebwoy Over Dates Clash With Freedom Wave & Bhim Concert At Accra Sports Stadium

Shatta Wale Goes Berserk On Stonebwoy Over Clash of Dates With Freedom Wave & Bhim Concert At Accra Sports Stadium

Shatta Wale has expressed his disappointment in Stonebwoy as he accused him over clash of dates with their Freedom Wave and Bhim Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium.

This comes after Stonebwoy announced and made a change in location to his Bhim Concert from Grande Arena to Accra Sports Stadium.

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In reaction to the news, Shatta Wale, claimed that he and his team had initially secured an agreement with the authorities for their upcoming event. However, things took a turn when Stonebwoy announced his Bhim Concert at the same venue.

He also added that, he received an information from the authorities including the President’s daughter that he should make way for Stonebwoy to host his concert this year whiles he had already reserved the venue for a 3-day event.

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Stonebwoy’s announcement of his 5th Dimension Bhim Concert at the same location led to a clash of dates which has ‘pissed’ Shatta Wale to react. Watch the video below as you keep scrolling.

However, after the displeasuring his spleen  over the clash of dates, Shatta Wale again took to social media to throw series of subliminal shots to Stonebwoy.

He wrote: “Jeslousy go k!ll you Apakye….Natural born hater-you no dey pitty yourself like how people dey pitty you — Stonebwoy ibe you ade talk Gbemii”

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Shatta Wale added: Dem no go call you Dancehall king da….Okyeame sef u no go get. You forget say we still have court case abi”.

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